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#LoveOzYAbookclub March 2021 title announcement – THE GAPS by Leanne Hall

Helloooo again and welcome to our second book of the new year!

This month of March, we’re going to be reading THE GAPS by amazing author Leanne Hall. I’ve been a huge fan of Leanne’s work from 2010, with the release of her debut THIS IS SHYNESS (if you haven’t checked out this surreal-specfic-adventure-romance set in a could-be-RL-Melbourne-but-not-quite world, I suggest you stop reading this and go grab a copy of it like *now*).

THE GAPS looks to be dark and deep, and as it’s based on a true crime story, I’m very keen to read it – we haven’t read that many heavy-themes books in bookclub lately (covid being a thing and all, I figured we needed a bit of lightness last year), but I’m excited and curious about this one.

Here’s the blurb:

What does it mean to be the one left behind?

When sixteen-year-old Yin Mitchell is abducted, the news reverberates through the whole Year Ten class at Balmoral Ladies College. As the hours tick by, the girls know the chance of Yin being found alive is becoming smaller and smaller.

Police suspect the abduction is the work of a serial offender, with none in the community safe from suspicion. Everyone is affected by Yin’s disappearance—even scholarship student Chloe, who usually stays out of Balmoral drama, is drawn into the maelstrom. And when she begins to form an uneasy alliance with the queen of Year Ten, Natalia, things get even more complicated.

Looking over their shoulders at every turn, Chloe and Natalia must come together to cope with their fear and grief as best they can. A tribute to friendship in all its guises, The Gaps is a moving examination of vulnerability and strength, safety and danger, and the particular uncertainty of being a young woman in the world.

If you’d like to jump aboard this reading train, you can find physical copies of THE GAPS here at Boomerang Books – use the ‘loveoz’ code to get free shipping. Alternatively, if you’d like to grab the ebook, you can go here or here.

Have a great week, join us on the Facebook group page anytime, and happy reading!


PS: Just a quick note on digital version of the books we support:

Here at #LoveOzYAbookclub, we like to give readers as many options as possible to buy the books they’d like to read in the formats they prefer (also this helps support authors!). But some people find it hard to support Amazon due to their business practices, so we now have a policy that if we can offer an alternative digital option, we do so – and that option is currently coming through the publisher’s website, which provides multiple ebook links.

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