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Circus Hearts: All Aces – cover + blurb reveal

Today’s the day! I finally get to show off the final cover of the final book in the Circus Hearts series – Circus Hearts: All Aces. And take a look at this gorgeousness!

For those of you intrigued by Zep Deal, the mysterious suspected saboteur in Circus Hearts 2, and Ren Putri, the carnival’s resident contortionist, you’re going to *love* this one 🙂

Circus Hearts 3: All Aces

A teenage contortionist and a young cardsharp risk danger to right a family legacy of injustice.…

Nineteen-year-old contortionist Ren Putri is committed to circus, study and self-discipline  – in that order. But after being rescued from a carnival fire by cardsharp Zep Deal, she’s overwhelmed by some highly disorderly thoughts. Zep has a long history of trouble, and now he’s been suspected of sabotaging the circus that’s become his whole life. Ren is already coping with family, and keeping secrets of her own – but she can’t resist a mystery. Will Ren’s penchant for solving puzzles bring the case against Zep to rights, or will digging further into the bad blood between rival carnivals only put them both in danger?

Dark YA romance with a criminal twist – Circus Hearts: Step. Right. Up.

Circus Hearts: All Aces is available for 2.99 on preorder right now at this link.

You can add the book on GoodReads here.

Paperbacks for all three books go on sale 1 December 2018 – not long now!


The best part about revealing the final book cover of the series is that I can now show off ALL the covers in their glory. Check it:

And next time you see my cover designer, Debra Billson, in the street, feel free to shake her hand and tell her she’s a genius 🙂



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